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Having studied journalism at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, I have acquired a vast array of knowledge pertaining to the industry and practice of writing and editing. I have practiced various styles of writing extensively and am always seeking to expand my knowledge base.

Recent projects included a practicum course publication, Pause Magazine, where I worked as managing editor and wrote several pieces. I also edited content for a university website and wrote weekly political columns for the Minnesota Daily. I recently finished an internship at Twin Cities METRO.

Currently, I’m living in Portland, Ore. and working as an editorial intern at Bitch Magazine. I’ve also been offered an internship at Ms. Magazine.


Having set my sights on a career in journalism early in my education, I utilized every opportunity I could to practice and publish my writing in high school and college. I spent three years as the features editor of my high school newspaper, and was named editor-in-chief as a senior. Additionally, I received a scholarship to attend the Kettle Moraine Press Association’s summer journalism camp where I focused my seminar attendance on magazine and feature writing, editing, and layout. In college, I held a job as a columnist for my college newspaper where I wrote about political and cultural issues.

Upon entering college, I took the opportunity to develop not only my interest in journalism, but also my interests in socio-political activism and studies. I was highly involved with extra-curricular groups that participate in related activism and education, including non-profit work for the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group where I held various leadership positions. I also held a position writing and editing content for the web for one of the larger colleges within the university, and I worked on non-profit communications as part of my internship with the League of Women Voters.

While I have the skill sets and technical know-how needed to work in the newspaper industry or in non-profit communications, my passions rest firmly between the pages of magazines. Though I can’t possibly know what my vocational future may hold, this is the path I am currently most heavily pursuing.

Altogether, my experiences with journalism, feminist studies and activism, and non-profit work have made me an exceptional writer, editor, organizer, and communicator. My passion for the work I do has driven me to excellence in countless ways, and my further work will be no exception.